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Best Apps For Apple Watch | Ultimate Collection – For All Task You Needs

We have put together the best apps for the Apple Watch to make it easier for you to make your choice. Our selection includes applications that will help to travel, track health indicators, play sports more efficiently and cope with household tasks more quickly. Health Apps Modern smart watches can not only show time, call, […]

Iphone X

How To Restart iPhone X | Step By Step Guide

Fans enthusiastically greeted the emergence of a new flagship from Apple – iPhone X, with enthusiasm. To make the smartphone frameless developers had to conjure with the body and materials, as well as remove the Home button. The updated design dictates new rules, how to use the touch screen, and how to restart the iPhone […]

Apple Watch Series 5 - what will add and when to wait-main

Apple Watch Series 5 – what will add and when to wait?

Apple Watch 4 smartwatches are considered among the best among these gadgets, although they lack some features. They will probably appear in the Apple Watch Series 5. According to experts who study the market and monitor Apple products, most likely, we should not expect major changes in the design of Apple smartwatches. The biggest changes […]

Macbook Air

Intel employees confirm Apple’s transition to its own ARM processors on Mac computers in 2020

Every day there is more evidence that in the foreseeable future, Apple will abandon the Intel processors, which it has been using in mobile and desktop Mac computers since 2006, in favor of its own solutions built on the ARM architecture. And now there are new data indicating that the transition will really begin as […]

Five new watchOS 5 features that you need to try right now

In September of this year, Apple released an important operating system update for its smartwatches, thanks to which the Apple Watch became an even more useful device for communication, sports and quick access to the necessary information. Thanks to the new operating system, the watch has received many new features, among which the most prominent […]