October 28, 2021

A new version of the Google application has revealed one of the functions of Pixel 2


Google likes to leave tips and easter eggs in its services, to learn about the company’s future products and plans. For example, when studying the code of the latest beta version of the Google application (7.12), it was found that the changes were not yet available in the program itself, mentioning the new functions of the Assistant’s virtual assistant and confirming one of the features of future Pixel second-generation smartphones. So, users will be able to customize the color and shape of Google’s proprietary search widget.


In addition, users of new smartphones will be able to customize the word or phrase for launching Google Assistant. You will also be able to customize the voice of the assistant. The very same Google Assistant will get advanced control over the playback of podcasts. But most importantly, the assistant will be able to simultaneously perform several tasks on the team.

Also in the beta version of Google 7.12, a mention of the new Active Edge feature was found. In particular, the following phrase was found: “To change the compression gesture settings, go to the Active Edge settings of your phone”. This once again indicates that future Pixel second-generation smartphones will be able to respond to compression, as implemented in the HTC U11. For example, if you shrink a smartphone in your hand, you can activate Google Assistant.

Source: gizmochina.com

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