October 28, 2021

Apple🍏 AirPods cause headaches from owners

A year after the release of Apple AirPods wireless headphones, complaints began to appear on the network of their owners about the increased headaches after using the accessory. Similar messages can be found both in social networks, and at the official forum of Apple. This issue interested the staff of the resource iDrop News.

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“I do not have this problem when using wired headphones, but the pains appear if I hold the iPhone next to my head during a call. Usually I use wired headphones and for this reason I keep the phone away from my head. I’ve already experienced a similar type of headache when using other Bluetooth headsets in the past, but these sensations have never been as strong as in the case of AirPods, “one of the users said.

“I was waiting for AirPods, but I was worried about whether they would fit my ears, since I could not normally wear wired EarPods. I just wanted to put them in my ears, then not catch them. I liked this feeling of freedom, I liked the sound and ease of use. However, I began to feel pressure in the temples, and then it grew into constant headaches. They seemed to disappear slowly when I stopped using AirPods. Then I again put in the headphones, after which the pressure and headaches resumed, “- wrote another user.

Similar messages on the forum Apple – a huge amount.

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Joel Moskowitz, Professor of Medicine, University of California School of Public Health at Berkeley back in 2016 warned that AirPods may cause harmful interference that could potentially lead to health problems.

“It’s the same as installing a microwave light-emitting device next to the brain,” the professor said.


He said that medicine has not yet studied the harm from using Bluetooth-enabled devices in the long term. The Apple press service then responded to these statements that the company always tests its products to meet all security requirements.

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How Apple will respond to numerous complaints from users about AirPods is still unknown.

Source: idropnews.com

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