October 19, 2021

Apple is developing an AR-headset

Well-known journalist Mark Gurman from the resource Bloomberg assures that Apple is actively engaged in the development of its own set of augmented reality, but the release of the gadget before 2020 should not wait. Tim Cook, the head of the “apple” corporation, has repeatedly stated that it is behind a reality that is augmented by reality. With the release of iOS 11, iPhone and iPad users have access to a huge number of AR applications and games. Mark Gurman also said that for his headset Apple is developing a special reality system (abbreviated – rOS), based on iOS.


According to Gourmet, Apple is striving to get the finished device by 2019 and release it in 2020. Now the company decides how users will interact with the headset. Among the options are claimed touch panels, control with Siri and tracking of head movements. Apple engineers create prototypes for a variety of applications and functions, from cartographic services and instant messengers to more advanced ones, including virtual conference rooms and 360-degree video playback. For the headset will be released its own version of the App Store with applications and games designed specifically for augmented reality.


It is reported that software developers are using HTC Vive headsets and are testing a device like the Samsung Gear VR, in which the iPhone acts as a screen. The Augmented Reality Headset is one of several projects that are supposed to be created by Apple, codenamed “T288” in Cupertino and Sunnyvale.


Earlier, Mark Gurman said that Apple is considering the release of a stand-alone device that would connect to the iPhone or Apple Watch and showed the user information over the real world. How will the AR-headset look like from the Cupertinovs? We’ll find out in a few years.

Source: macrumors.com

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