October 19, 2021

Apple fans started returning iPhone X to stores



On November 3, users around the world got into the hands of the pre-ordered iPhone X or went to authorized sales departments to purchase the cherished gadget. However, soon in the network there were first reviews, and not all of them turned out to be positive. The publication of PhoneArena published the most vivid quotes of readers who already had time to get acquainted with iPhone X. One of the now-former owners noted that the opaque area at the top of the screen prevented him from enjoying working with the smartphone, and the lack of fast charging “out of the box” yourself.

“I’m the biggest fan of Apple, but even I’m disappointed with the iPhone X. I received it on Friday and returned it today (Sunday). The black area above the display looks extremely annoying. The OLED panel is not much better than the LCD on my 6S Plus, the lack of a battery indicator on the display due to insufficient space, annoying brushing gestures, etc. The only really cool and fun feature of the smartphone is the animated emoto. In the standard kit there is no fast charger, which also disappointed me. I went to my operator and was second in line for the return of the iPhone X “, – wrote the user under the nickname apple-rulz.


Unlike previous Apple smartphones, the iPhone X control is almost entirely built on gestures. To help users navigate, Apple released a special video.


Another distinctive detail of the iPhone X is the black area with a Face ID system and a spoken speaker. Many developers have not yet had time to adapt the application interface to the new display of the iPhone X, because of what the programs do not look as neat as the previous models of the iPhone.


Source: phonearena.com

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