October 19, 2021

Apple Watch Series 4 “fell into a coma” because of the transfer of hours


In Australia, on October 7, there was a switch to summer time, which is why users of the new Apple Watch Series 4 could not use their gadgets all day. The system could not cope with the time shift an hour ahead and gave a massive failure in work.
After the clock was moved forward, the Apple Watch Series 4 began to reboot, turned on, hung, and again started the system reboot process. And so it went on until the β€œsmart” watch did not fully sit down on the battery. It was impossible to use the gadget, because of which many users literally fell into despair and began to throw Apple complaints about the incorrect operation of devices.

Today, October 8, when a calendar date change occurred, the work of the gadgets was restored to normal, as the system no longer recorded a loss of one hour. But users of new products in other regions of the world have frankly strained because of this error. In Europe, the clock is transferred to winter time at the end of this month, and in the US – on November 4. And in the future, thousands of Apple Watch Series 4 are under threat of β€œfalling into a coma” due to the fact that the developers did not take into account this nuance. It is expected that Apple will have time to release a software update that will allow other users of smart watches not to face the problem that the Australians have experienced.

Source: 9to5mac

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