October 19, 2021

Apple Watch Series 5 – what will add and when to wait?

Apple Watch Series 5 - what will add and when to wait-main

Apple Watch 4 smartwatches are considered among the best among these gadgets, although they lack some features. They will probably appear in the Apple Watch Series 5.

According to experts who study the market and monitor Apple products, most likely, we should not expect major changes in the design of Apple smartwatches. The biggest changes in this sense occurred in Apple Watch 4, which differ from previous models in a larger and flatter display. But the Apple Watch Series 5 is likely to inherit this design. In the 2019 model, developers will concentrate on the internal changes of the gadget.

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Recently, patent applications were discovered that indicate that Apple has been working on the implementation of gesture recognition technology in smart watches. With it, for example, by compressing the hand into a fist, the user will be able to activate the button for answering an incoming call. But whether it will appear in the Apple Watch Series 5 is unknown. But more likely, experts predict the appearance in the gadget of the long-awaited function of tracking the quality of user sleep. This feature has long been presented in many fitness trackers and smartwatches, even not very expensive ones, but Apple gadgets do without it. However, studies have shown that this function is one of the most popular, so, probably, it will still appear in the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch Series 5 - what will add and when to wait-1

Regarding the cost of new items, experts believe that it will cost about the same as the Apple Watch 4 – in the range of $ 399- $ 429 for the version with Wi-Fi and $ 499-529 for the model with Wi-Fi and mobile communications. A smartwatch can be more expensive only if developers add several serious innovations to it at once, which is not expected yet. Presumably, Apple Watch Series 5 will present in mid-September, as was the case with previous models.

source: ALLO

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