Bloomberg: Apple🍎 will present three frameless iPhone this year

According to the authoritative edition of Bloomberg with reference to its informants, Apple will release three new smartphones at the end of this year: the largest iPhone ever released, the updated model of the current iPhone X, and the less expensive device with some key features of the flagship models. In other words, the company wants to meet the demand for flatbeds on the one hand and more affordable versions of the iPhone – on the other. The Cupertino company, which, along with component suppliers, is already starting to test production, is expected to traditionally tell the public about new phones in the fall. Plans can still change, inform anonymous informants.


Why did Apple decide to move more actively towards the market? The reason in the iPhone X. Despite months of hype, the new device since its debut last year was not selling as well as expected. In the last quarter of 2017, Apple sold 77.3 million iPhones, which is lower than analysts’ forecasts (80.2 million units). Some consumers scared off the price of the iPhone X at $ 1000, despite the advanced design and advantages of the device over the cheaper iPhone 8. In the next generation, Apple will try to stimulate sales by offering models for the widest possible range of customers.

“This is very important,” said Loup Ventures co-founder and longtime Apple observer Gene Munster. – When the manufacturer offers a substantial update of the screen size, people are going to update their phone in droves. We saw this in the case of the iPhone 6, and we believe that such a move in 2018 will also have a very positive impact on sales. ”


Munster predicts that the super cycle will spur 10 or more percent of current generation iPhone owners to upgrade their smartphones. “The strongest jump in sales, I think, will be observed in Asian markets,” he said. – In these countries, many consumers are owners of one device (that is, they do not buy tablets or watches) and therefore they prefer large phones. ”

What is known about the technical characteristics of new vehicles? It is reported that the most overall iPhone in 2018 is code-named D33 and will be equipped with a screen with a diagonal of 6.5 inches. However, the case will be about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus due to frameless design and other aspect ratio. According to Bloomberg sources, at least a few D33 prototypes are equipped with OLED-displays with a resolution of 1242 × 2688 – this density of points roughly corresponds to the modern 5.8-inch iPhone X.


A large screen should especially attract business users, allowing them to more conveniently dial emails and manage tables on a screen the size of a small tablet. Like the iPhone 8 Plus, the new device is likely to include split screen modes for certain applications. However, the release of such a device could hit Apple’s tablet sales, and after all, iPad sales have recently begun to show growth again.

Like the iPhone X, the larger model will include Face ID recognition support for unlocking the device and confirming payments. Apple is also preparing an update for the regular-sized iPhone X – the project is code-named D32. Both devices are expected to be equipped with the next generation A12 one-chip systems, have a stainless steel casing and occupy a flagship niche.


Apple is considering a golden version for the successors of the iPhone X. The company tried to offer this option for the current X-phone, but refused it because of production problems. All new iPhone, starting with 5s, went out in golden versions, including iPhone 8 – it is especially attractive to Asian consumers and promotes sales growth in the region. However, Apple can abandon this color.

There is another curious rumor about the democratization of the iPhone. It is reported that, at least in some regions, Apple is considering the possibility of producing a version of a large model supporting two SIM cards. This will allow people to use their phones with different cellular operators without having to change SIM cards. This function is becoming more and more popular and popular even on flagship devices, especially in Europe and Asia, where businessmen often visit different countries by their activities.

Apple has not made a final decision to include this feature and may decide to wait for a wider spread of E-SIM technology, which will allow connecting phones to several networks without the need for using physical SIM cards. Apple already offers E-SIM to the iPad and Apple Watch, but some large operators are slow to support the technology, which does not allow to integrate it into the iPhone. Support for two SIM-cards can become a compromise.


Apple smartphones in 2018 will receive an updated operating system, which is allegedly called iOS 12 and is codenamed Peace. This platform supposedly will include improved capabilities of augmented reality, deeper integration of the digital assistant Siri, advanced health monitoring functions and the possibility of using animation emoticons Animojis with FaceTime video calls. So dreaming, for example, to hold a philosophical conversation with an emotional turd, wait until the fulfillment of desires is not long.

For those who are waiting for the update of the cheapest offer Apple iPhone, there is also good news. Apple decided to maximize the design of this device to future flagships, leaving in the past even the face of the current iPhone 8 with its thick frames around the display (the design does look old-fashioned, because it almost does not differ from the iPhone 6, released in 2014).


The new affordable model will also have a frameless display, although it will save in order to reduce the cost of LCD panel, rather than OLED. “It’s good that Apple is going to offer a uniform family of products,” said Mr. Munster. However, the analyst is convinced that this device will not have a significant impact on demand, since buyers will want to purchase more overall models.

The device will receive full support for Face ID instead of a fingerprint scanner, but the case will be made, as in the case of the iPhone 8, of glass-covered aluminum, rather than stainless steel, like older models. We can assume that the smartphone will receive a chip A11, not A12. The approach for Apple is new: to keep in the more accessible model the main advantages and style of the flagships, while offering a cheaper performance. Perhaps this will make the device more successful than the iPhone 5c or SE.

As always, rumors should be taken with caution – for example, recently appeared other information about the iPhone SE 2, which is supposedly to be presented in June.




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