October 28, 2021

Can the iPhone X survive the fall?


A few days after the launch of sales of the iPhone X, resources began to publish the results of testing the novelty for strength. Video blogger Zach Nilsson has already checked the smartphone for scratch resistance and bending, but how will the gadget handle the fall from the height? The tenth iPhone got an almost frameless display and a glass back cover, so many had concerns that the device would be extremely fragile. We offer to look at a number of tests and find out how the iPhone X copes with the falls.

In the first test of EverythingApplePro, the new iPhone X showed its best. While the iPhone 8 after a series of falls broke the back cover, the “dozen” remained virtually unscathed.

The drop test from the PhoneBuff resource was not so successful for the iPhone X. With the same drops, the device was slightly stronger than the iPhone 8 Plus, but as a result, it still broke the glass front, and at the end of the test part of the display stopped responding to the touch.




Overall, the iPhone X is recognized as pretty solid – the smartphone is no less fragile than the iPhone models with large frames around the screen.

Source: geeky-gadgets.com

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