Five new watchOS 5 features that you need to try right now

In September of this year, Apple released an important operating system update for its smartwatches, thanks to which the Apple Watch became an even more useful device for communication, sports and quick access to the necessary information.

Thanks to the new operating system, the watch has received many new features, among which the most prominent feature is the Walkie-Talkie, the function that automatically recognizes the training mode, the ability to hold competitions in activity with friends, the preview function of web content, and the improved Siri.

Walkie talkie

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WatchOS 5 has a new feature called Walkie-Talkie, which allows you to communicate by voice in a completely new way. To use this function, just touch the wrist. You can connect with friends and family who own Apple Watch using both a Wi-Fi connection and a cellular network. It is worth noting that the Walkie-Talkie feature does not work in all countries.

Automatic recognition of the training mode

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Another interesting feature of the watchOS 5 operating system is automatic recognition of the training mode. She sends a notification about the start of a particular workout and supports feedback. If the user of the “apple” clock forgets to complete the workout, the function reminds of this after a certain period of inactivity.

Activity competitions with friends

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Apple Watch is not only a stylish accessory, but also a functional fitness tracker. Another new “watchOS 5” chip is the ability to organize sports competitions with friends. You can challenge your friends and compete, which of you will score more points in a week doing this or that kind of sport. The built-in personal trainer will encourage you and tell you how to come to victory.

Web content preview function

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WatchOS 5 has a feature for viewing web content. If you have sent some kind of link, but there is no iPhone nearby, you can view the contents of the page by link in the form optimized for the Apple Watch screen.

Advanced Siri

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In the new watchOS version, Siri voice assistant has become even smarter. Now she is able to adapt to your habits and guess what you want. For example, Siri will be able to include certain music when you go to the gym, or send a message to relatives that you are returning home when the working day is over.

Previously, to call Siri, the voice assistant needed to be addressed using the phrase “Hi, Siri”. In watchOS 5, it’s not necessary to pronounce this phrase, simply lift your wrist to your face, say what you want, and Siri will do everything.

The watchOS 5 operating system is available for all versions of Apple Watch, except for devices of zero generation, released in 2015. To update your watch, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to the “My Watch” tab and select “Basic” → “Software Update” and then just follow the instructions.

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