October 19, 2021

The Google domain name no longer affects search queries


If previously it was possible to access Google’s search queries that were relevant to a foreign country, now the free will has stopped. From now on, all search requests issued by this system will correspond only to the location where the user is located. Regardless of the attempts to change the domain name google.com to google.co.uk or to other addresses in the browser, the user will receive the query results corresponding to the geolocation of the device from which the request was sent.


However, this prohibition can still be circumvented if you manually change the settings of your current location in the search engine profile. Nevertheless, according to the company’s current policy, when searching for the material prohibited by the legislation of the specified country, the requests will still be filtered, despite the changed settings.
The decision on automatic geolocation binding representatives of Google explained that it is, first of all, convenient for tourists and travelers who often move from place to place and who it would be easier not to switch the settings of their profile, but immediately find the information of interest wherever they are neither at home nor on the road. If the user is in New York, then he will be offered variants of requests corresponding to New York, if in Moscow – for Moscow.

Google has repeatedly made similar decisions with respect to its other services, including YouTube and Gmail. Now, the binding policy will work both for the search engine on the PC and for mobile devices within the framework of Google Maps and iOS Google applications.

Source:Β The Verge

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