September 17, 2021

Google introduced a library of free 3D models for VR / AR developers

Novice developers who experiment with virtual and augmented reality in their mobile products need 3D objects. Google previously introduced the tools Tilt Brush and Blocks, allowing you to simplify the process of creating 3D-models. Now the company has launched a whole Poly library, where you can watch, search and download free 3D-objects.


Poly allows you to quickly find the necessary objects and scenes for the developer to use in mobile applications created with a focus on virtual and augmented reality. The library is fully integrated with Tilt Brush and Blocks, and also allows to load models in OBJ and MTL formats, so in the future the collection will only expand.


Google says that developers will find the right materials regardless of what project they are working on: from the game about space travel to a soothing application with AR-colors. Thousands of free models include anything from rocket to synthesizer and ice cream. If a suitable model is found, but without pearly buttons, this can easily be corrected by importing the object into Tilt Brush or Blocks for revision. Poly automatically links the published revised model to the original.

In addition to being a library of materials for developers, Poly can also act as a gallery for viewing 3D objects on smartphones or in a desktop browser. The interesting models found can be converted into GIF animation or simply viewed in VR using Cardboard or Daydream View.

source: Google Blog

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