October 28, 2021

Google patents “smart” glasses with a new design



The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) declassified another Google patent application related to the development of wearable devices. The document is about smart glasses with a new design, which is significantly different from the layout of the sensational Google Glass gadget. The original version of Glass, in fact, was a frame with a special electronic module in the right eye zone. The patented device looks like an ordinary sunglasses.

The windows of the new electronic assistant are offered to integrate small micro-LED panels. This will allow you to display the required information before the user’s eyes. Thus, it will be possible to work in augmented reality mode.


Required electronic components, including microprocessor, controllers, wireless communication and memory chips, can be integrated into the bow and frame. In addition, the device can be endowed with a camera and various sensors.
Google applied for a patent in March last year; the document is currently under consideration. It is possible that in the long term the proposed design will find application in a real portable gadget, but so far nothing has been reported about these plans of the search giant.
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