In Apple Music, you can give a month of free subscription to a friend.

Apple Music holds a campaign in which you can please someone from your friends with a free subscription for a month. So the company wants to increase the number of users of the application.

A broad advertising campaign of this innovation did not begin. About this option it became known from the messages in Twitter, when users of the social network began to share the news. Some subscribers of the music service receive notifications that they can share with someone of their friends a code that will allow them to listen to music for a month.

In Apple Music, you can give a month of free subscription to a friend 2

The main thing is that this friend is not a subscriber to Apple Music. And then he will receive a three-month trial period, during which he will be able to use the application for free, and plus one more month for them, received from you as a gift.

It is not known yet whether all users receive notifications or an offer is distributed only in certain regions. In any case, it will not be superfluous to look into the application and check notifications.

Source: engadget

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