September 17, 2021

IOS has an exclusive version of the Telegram


In the App Store we found an alternative version of the popular Telegram messenger, with the X prefix. Many users decided that it was some kind of mistake, but the representatives of Telegram Messenger LLP confirmed that we are facing a new official iOS application written in Swift (the Apple programming language ). As a result, it works faster and consumes less energy. In addition, Telegram X brings a number of new features, including long-awaited.

telegram-apple-2 telegram-apple-1 telegram-apple-3

List of changes in Telegram X:

The application is written by Swift, which has a positive effect on the performance and autonomy of the device;
In addition to the standard light theme, there are three more: in the style of iMessage, dark and blue;
added font size settings;
updated animations;
when sending a long image, the text no longer adapts to its width;
updated shortcut menu commands with a long tap on the message;
the updated “Share” menu.
It should be noted that some old functions do not work in Telegram X. Among them – the 3D Touch widget, the version for Apple Watch, svayp for quick response to the message, displaying the location of users and audio player. The developers promise to extend the capabilities of the application in future updates.


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