October 19, 2021

iPhone X was the first to earn more than 100 points in the DxOMark


Authoritative resource DxOMark has published a detailed overview of the camera of the new iPhone X. Compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, the device has a number of improvements, such as increased telephoto lens (f / 2.8 to f / 2.4) and optical stabilization in the second sensor. Running forward, we can say that the jubilee gadget received a higher rating than the iPhone 8 Plus, but everything in order.

iPhone X-rate-2 iPhone X-rate-2-1

DxOMark specialists traditionally tested the capabilities of the iPhone X camera and delivered their verdict. When shooting photos, they liked the following:

  • very good exposure with the preservation of details in the shadows and bright areas when using HDR;
  • accurate color reproduction and white balance in all shooting conditions;
  • high detail and low noise in most cases;
  • good detail using the zoom in all lighting conditions;
  • he effect of bokeh looks natural.



Disadvantages of the iPhone X camera when creating a photo:

  • sometimes slow autofocus;
  • underexposed pictures with red eyes when using a flash;
  • residual artifacts visible on moving objects.

Revealed advantages of video recording:

  • accurate color reproduction and white balance in most lighting conditions;
  • good exposure with quick adaptation when lighting changes;
  • fast and accurate autofocus;
  • effective stabilization;
  • good safety of parts.


What employees DxOMark did not like in the camera iPhone X when shooting a video:

  • noticeable shaking while walking;
  • color noise visible in low light;
  • A small loss of sharpness when tracking an object in low light.

When calculating the final results, the iPhone X received 97 points from DxOMark. He took the second place in the ranking, and the leader was Pixel 2 with 98 points. It is worth recalling once again that this is the average score for shooting photos and video. If we consider these categories separately, then iPhone X for the images received 101 points – for the first time the mobile camera exceeded the mark of 100 points. Pixel 2 on the photos is gaining 99 points.

iPhone X-bench-1
iPhone X


Evaluation of a photo or video consists of a number of sub-paragraphs. So, the “dozen” makes better-quality portrait shots with the bokeh effect, and Pixel 2 copes better with color reproduction and autofocus.

google pixel 2-1 bench
google pixel 2

“With an estimate of 101 points, the Apple iPhone X achieves better results when creating static images, one point ahead of Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note8, the previous leaders in the rating of images. Compared to his cousin in the face of the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X does a much better job of shooting with zoom, and also removes better in terms of exposure, color, texture, noise and artifacts. Other advantages in photo mode include very good exposure and HDR, accurate color reproduction, high detail with low noise, and a natural bokeh effect in portrait mode, “the DxOMark report says.

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