October 28, 2021

Qualcomm has put forward new charges against Apple


The conflict between Apple and Qualcomm on mobile soil continues to gain momentum. Against the “apple” empire, another lawsuit was filed by the developer of the Snapdragon processors.


Recall that at the beginning of this year Apple accused Qualcomm of abusing its dominant position in the market of microchips for smartphones and mobile phones. The answer to Qualcomm did not take long: the iPhone was accused of violating the agreements reached.

Later, Intel has joined the proceedings, accusing Qualcomm of trying to remove competitors in the market for mobile chips. Intel, in particular, said that Qualcomm had signed with Apple an antitrust agreement, under which the iPhone maker could only use Qualcomm chips in exchange for lower licensing fees.


Qualcomm recently demanded a ban on the manufacture and sale of iPhone in China due to patent infringement. Apple, according to Web sources, is looking for a replacement for Qualcomm chips in its mobile devices in the current situation.
The new Qualcomm lawsuit filed at San Diego’s California Court spoke about Apple’s and Intel’s connections. The documents, in particular, indicate that Apple has access to confidential information about the Qualcomm software, including the source code. The “apple” company allegedly used the data obtained in the course of cooperation with Intel, which was prohibited by the agreement.
Sources: Bloomberg

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