October 19, 2021

Telegram was removed from the App Store because of unacceptable content

Apple removed the official Telegram client from the App Store. The messenger disappeared from the application store for iOS shortly after the release on Android of the updated Telegram X. The latest version for iOS, which is in testing, also disappeared from the App Store.

Telegram-app store-1

“Apple informed us that inadmissible content became available to our users, so both applications were removed from the App Store,” said Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram. “Applications should reappear in the App Store as soon as we take the necessary protective measures.”

It is not known when Telegram will be available again on iOS and which content was detected in the application. TechCrunch writes that, according to the rules for using iOS for developers, applications should contain filters of unwanted user content, as well as the ability to report such content and prohibit users from accessing the service. Apparently, Apple found the content, which managed to break through the filters Telegram.

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The popularity of the messenger has grown due to its advanced functionality in the field of security and the ability to conduct secret correspondence protected by end-to-end encryption. The latter today supports most of the competitors Telegram, but in 2013, when the application was released, things were different.

However, the increased security Telegram has its drawbacks. In particular, the governments of many countries criticize the messenger for becoming the main means of communication among terrorists. In Indonesia, the company even had to assemble a group of moderators, which deals with the removal of content related to terrorism from Telegram.

source:Β The Verge

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