September 17, 2021

Waymo abandoned manual control


While various car manufacturers carefully incorporate unmanned driving functions into their new cars, while retaining the steering wheel and other familiar controls, Waymo, controlled by Google, decided to abandon those remnants of the past. Such a decision was made on the basis of research results, in which people showed themselves not in the best way.


The head of the company John Krawczyk said that his specialists have completely stopped work on manual control and no longer consider the control modes, which provide for the transfer of control from the autopilot to the living driver. The fact is that a person begins to relax when driving an unmanned car, which is self-orientated on the ground. And if the driver is distracted, “yawns” and not always properly react to the dangerous situation on the road, it is better to completely deprive him of the ability to drive cars than in such a way create emergency situations on the road!

This decision could be called unfounded, but it had to be taken after a series of tests that were held not so long ago in the Silicon Valley. It was then that drivers made it clear that they can not be trusted: while driving, with a powered autopilot, drivers chattered, corrected make-up, watched YouTube, and some started to “nod” at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour!

Woe-drivers tried to return from heaven to earth, again to get them to concentrate on the road. To do this, even tried to give a sharp and very nasty signal, but it did not have the proper effect, so Waymo decided that their robobs can completely do without the help of people. With such drivers, no pests are needed.

“If we talk about any control on the part of the person, the buttons” start “and” stop “on the control panel will be enough,” – concluded John Krawczyk with his tirade.

Now in Waymo plan to move from testing individual developments to the full implementation of unmanned transport technologies. For this, the company negotiates with the machine manufacturers, is working on the creation of an autonomous public transport system. In addition, the Waymo drones, previously tested in the summer, will soon begin to experience in severe winter conditions

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