How To Clear Cache On Android |Proven Methods

The Android cache is the data that applications create during their execution. They are necessary for faster work of these programs. For example, image viewers create thumbnails of images in order to immediately display them in the future, rather than load the processor each time in order to create miniature copies. In the case of […]


In Google Play, you have disabled the application for mining and other categories of programs

Google has updated the rules for Google Play developers, banning several new categories of applications. Among them – programs for mining, as well as applications with false advertising. Applications for mining cryptocurrency are now prohibited, but those that regulate mining remotely are still allowed. Apple also recently introduced a ban on applications for mining, making […]

Google threatens to make Android payable

Google threatens to make Android payable because of a fine from the European Commission

The European Commission fined Google at 4.32 billion euros (about 5 billion US dollars) for violating antitrust laws. The Commission’s decision says that the US company uses the dominant position of Android in the mobile OS market to promote its own search engine and Chrome browser. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, already spoke on this topic […]


Everything that Google submitted to I / O 2018

On May 8, in Mountain View, Google opened its annual I / O 2018 developer conference. After a brief keynote speech that the technology company was approaching the development of its products with a “deep sense of responsibility,” executive director Sandar Pichai gave the floor to others speakers, who told about the new solutions of […]


Google is developing a new service Yeti

Google intends to seriously take up the game industry. This is the conclusion we can make based on the latest rumors about the new Yeti service from the search giant. But there are also reports that the corporation is developing not only its own streaming service. According to The Information, Google is already negotiating with […]