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Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

Voice recording apps can be used at lectures, seminars, various public events. They are also well suited for quickly capturing their own ideas. If desired, the recorder can easily be turned into an audio diary. Only you need to ensure that he does not fall into the wrong hands. Most Android smartphones come with built-in […]


Google Maps app will help you travel soon

Google has announced changes that will occur in the near future in the Google Maps application. Innovations come in handy for travelers. After the update, the user will be able to see the data associated with his trip, right in the application. There you will find complete information about the flight that a person flies, […]

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Awesome Calendars Apps For Android

The calendar is not the most interesting feature in a smartphone, but for many users, one of the most important. A standard Google calendar comes with every Android smartphone, and most people are limited to it. But what if Google Calendar is not able to provide the desired design or features? In this case, third-party […]

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Google will add to Android the function of fast data transfer to the iPhone, watch and laptop

With the development of instant messengers and cloud services, the issue of data transfer between smartphones has ceased to be as acute as before. After all, why reinvent the wheel, if you can simply transfer the desired file to the chat, regardless of its size, or share a link to download it from the cloud. […]


How To Clear Cache On Android |Proven Methods

The Android cache is the data that applications create during their execution. They are necessary for faster work of these programs. For example, image viewers create thumbnails of images in order to immediately display them in the future, rather than load the processor each time in order to create miniature copies. In the case of […]