discord music bot

Awesome musical bots for Discord

Over the past two years, Discord has established itself as the best gaming chat. Thanks to a simple interface and a large set of functions, this messenger is superior to other similar programs. One of the main features of the service is the ability to integrate various bots. The most popular of them are musical, […]

Facebook expands its video platform and cuts funding for news shows

Facebook expands its videoπŸ“Ή platform and cuts funding for news shows.

Facebook Watch is expanding, despite the fact that the platform does not succeed in gaining popularity among the younger audience of the digital age. The largest social network announced the expansion of its 15-second commercials in more than a dozen new countries, as well as the launch of Watch in the desktop environment and Facebook […]


Review of MIUI 10

MIUI 10 is the tenth generation of firmware from Xiaomi, based on the mobile operating system Android. In MIUI 10, developers focused on improving performance, as well as introducing on the level of the whole system the functions of artificial intelligence and machine learning. About this, as well as other innovations that are waiting for […]

The Facebook and UMG agreement will allow users to download commercials with licensed music

Facebook has entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with Universal Music Group, which will allow users of the social network to download music videos without problems. In particular, the agreement will provide an opportunity to freely upload and share videos with songs of performers who cooperate with a record label. It concerns not only Facebook […]

Amazon has released a 3D editor for creating virtual and augmented reality spaces

Considering the speed of development of modern technologies, virtual space should be more and more accessible to all. The same idea was guided by the authors of the Amazon Sumerian development environment, which allows creating three-dimensional models for VR and AR With this development environment, you can create multiplatform programs that are compatible with Oculus […]

Microsoft Office for Android is now supported by everyone on the Chromebook

Last year, Google announced that it will transfer Android applications to the Chrome OS platform to make the Chromebooks more versatile and useful. Microsoft also claimed that it was working on supporting ChromeOS in its applications, but eventually limited itself to Google Pixelbook and several other devices. However, the company promised that it will continue […]


Firefox will mark hacked sites

Recently, Mozilla has released a new, significantly improved version of Firefox called Quantum. Now she is working on a function that will appeal to anyone who worries about the security of the sites they visit. The browser will warn you if you went to a resource that was hacked. The company collaborates with Troy Hunt, […]


Instagram will allow joint broadcasts

The Instagram service will allow users to join the broadcasts of their friends. Now, at the moment of the “live broadcast”, in addition to the general chat and the ability to send a smiley, the “Request” button will also be lit, thanks to which you can request the possibility of a joint broadcast. The very […]