October 19, 2021

In 2018, Final Fantasy XV will receive three more plot additions


Square Enix conducted on YouTube the next broadcast, dedicated to the upcoming updates of Final Fantasy XV. As you know, on December 13, Episode Ignis will be released, which will feature a small episode from the life of the cook Ignis. But to play for him, as for all the other main characters, will succeed before the release of DLC – very soon there will be a patch with the ability to fly on the fly between the characters in the story campaign.



At the same time it was announced that Episode Ignis will not be the last addition to the game. In 2018, the project will receive three more similar DLC, but the date of their release has not yet been named. As Director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata (Hajime Tabata) said, he would like to start the new year with an episode about Ardin, as it will allow users to learn more details about the universe of the game.
Tabata plans to make these additions as full as possible, not hurrying up his colleagues and not forcing them to cut out of the additions some interesting features. First of all, he wants to surprise the audience and offer players what they least expect. This, in his opinion, will not only please fans of FF fans playing in FF, but will also return long-lost customers to the project.


Final Fantasy XV was released on November 29, 2016 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since then, the light has seen four additions – three of them are dedicated to the companions of the protagonist Noktis, and another added multiplayer component to the game. Early next year, a role-playing action will be visited by a PC, and the first episode of an adapted mobile version will be released in the winter.

source: Gematsu

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