Age of Magic: a review of the popular turn-based strategy in the world of fantasy

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Many gamers love the fantasy world, which is filled with elves, gnomes, mages, paladins and various monsters, as in the good old Diablo. Most fantasy-style games come out in RPG style, but the Playkot company decided to please not only magic lovers, but also fans of the turn-based strategy genre.

Developer: PLAYKOT
Cost: Free
Genre Role Playing
Play on Android,iOS

Age of Magic is a mobile turn-based strategy for IOS and Android platforms, developed and supported by Playkot studio. The genre of turn-based strategies was not particularly popular among a wide audience, but the true strategists remained true to their favorite type of games and rejoiced at each new product. Fresh turn of popularity of turn-based strategies received thanks to the spread on mobile platforms.

Age of Magic was released in the april of 2018, and many users have already fallen in love into the game thanks to a good graphics, plot and elaboration of the fantasy world. The number of downloads of the game on Google Play exceeds 1 million, and this is in a few months. The game is notable for its beautiful drawing and 3D graphics, and the loading screens look like a work of art.


Gaming features

Age of Magic is a perishing world of magic, in which hundreds of fragments, populated by creatures that survived the disaster, soar among the stars. The player will have to make their way among these fragments, collecting heroes and fighting monsters that freeze the soul. As for the heroes, among them you can find classic magicians, lizard-like races, talking animals, and even samurai elves, not to mention the classic paladins. In total, Age of Magic contains more than 50 unique heroes that represent 12 different races.

Age-of-Magic 2

Players get the opportunity to recruit their squad heroes as they see fit. In addition, each character must be pumped, give him equipment and improve skills. True, the appearance of the hero is almost not displayed.

We carefully describe the origin, character and aspirations of each character before the artists begin to embody his image – said the developers.

Age-of-Magic 3
The combat system in the game is presented step by step. The player begins the battle with the number of characters to 5 + 1 “from a friend.” Before the battle, information is available about the enemy unit, such as the level of enemy units and how much an attack will be expected. Unfortunately, the characters on the battlefield cannot be placed – the system does it automatically.

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Each character has three skills – basic (available every turn), unique (available once in three moves), and special (available once in five moves). Depending on the class of the character, he can inflict damage, heal his comrades in the squad, paralyze the enemy, put a shield and so on. The player needs to create a squad so that all squad members complement each other.

Age of magic gameplay video

Meet one of the heroes Troddar Shieldbearer
One of the legendary shieldbearers of the Dwarf Empire’s heavy infantry. Encased in the thickest of armour from head to foot, these soldiers epitomize the tenacity and resilience of their kin.

Further, the battle takes place, as in all games of this genre. The player first walks with all his characters, then the move goes to the opponent. The battle continues until the last hero of the squad is defeated. The artificial intelligence of the enemy grows with each location, so quite soon the players have to think through all their actions in order to win. Also available in the game arena PvP, where you can compete with other players.


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Download age of magic

You can download the Age of Magic mobile game for your Android or iOS device from the official Play market or the App Store at the links below.

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Post Author: Thomas Braven

Thomas Braven

6 thoughts on “Age of Magic: a review of the popular turn-based strategy in the world of fantasy



    (March 29, 2019 - 3:11 pm)

    Game is absolutely typical like hiro magic critic and similar card games, who played them quickly adapts, there are no unique things in the game, the plot itself is minimally thought out annoying, the very thoughtful mgn. passing and points are not very balanced, even when you have 20 lvl, it will not be enough, well, donat is useless.


    One gamer

    (March 29, 2019 - 3:14 pm)

    At first, it is not bad, but after level 20 it starts to be hard, it is almost impossible to go through at all for opponents, the damage to inadequate health is not measured. no sequence of moves, constantly misses, and they are two times and all your heroes are dead.



    (April 20, 2019 - 6:58 pm)

    Thomas thank you for a good review. I want to play this game.


    Mr. Captain

    (April 20, 2019 - 7:04 pm)

    A good way to spend time. Beautiful RPG with beautiful graphics. There is enough mobile Internet, it loads quickly. Donat is present, but does not torment with accelerators. Recommend!



    (April 20, 2019 - 7:04 pm)

    For me personally, everything is beautiful in this toy.
    The first. Smart graphics – better not yet met on mobile devices.
    The second. Great music. Light, not intrusive music. Suitable for fantasy world.
    Third. Interesting story. Well, finally, the game has not just something remotely resembling a storyline, but a full story.


    Dark Lord

    (April 20, 2019 - 7:09 pm)

    Hello to all. Can you recommend a game similar to Age of magic? I want to try something new.

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