October 28, 2021

The attempt to justify the microtransactions turned into a scandal for EA


The company Electronic Arts entered the history of Reddit with a record number of negative reviews for the lifetime of the resource. “To distribute” angry gamers got a post in which EA employees tried to “lay out the system” microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II. Representatives of the publishing house noted that players who do not want to spend money can unlock the characters “honest work”. But with a little caveat.


The fact is that to open the same Darth Vader – one of the central characters of the Star Wars universe – you will need to “work honestly” for at least 35-40 hours (about as much as you need to collect the necessary 60,000 credits). This, according to representatives of EA, should give players a “sense of true achievement.” Of course, the answer to such a bold statement did not take long. In addition to aggressive and condemning comments, the post “fell asleep” with minuses. At the time of writing, the original message from EA collected about 210,000 “dislayers.” This is a record for Reddit. Prior to this, even the most controversial posts, which differed in non-trivial (or shocking) views on racism and gender equality, rarely received more than 20,000 cons.


It is noteworthy that a day earlier one of the employees of Electronic Arts responded to criticism of the company, saying that EA gets more than others only because it is very well known, and frequent attacks on it – no more than another “youth trend”. His remark, too, as it is not hard to guess, caused a negative reaction from the community.

Source: pcgamesn.com

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