October 28, 2021

The authors of Assassin’s Creed are heading for artificial intelligence


Ubisoft – one of the most influential offices in the gaming industry – has opened a new division, which will specialize in improving artificial intelligence. And the affiliate, called La Forge, will not only create new algorithms for use in the development of video games, but also the development of the scientific side of the AI ​​direction. The staff of the organization will be both experienced igrodel and scientists with students from different universities.

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed-1

The main task of the unit, of course, is to use the experience of two areas – gaming and scientific – for the development of AI technologies. And, of course, their further application in games and in life. As an example of a potentially successful idea, representatives of Ubisoft remembered their own development, which was used in the hacker’s action movie Watch Dogs 2. In it, they created a model of behavior for cars and pedestrians that allows them to navigate the terrain that exactly repeats the San Francisco Bay (with the exception of , of course, dimensions).

It is not difficult to guess that if the company managed to “force” the AI ​​to adapt to all sorts of situations (like extreme driving near large crowds) in a miniature copy of the present district, something similar is quite possible in real life. For example, these developments can find application in the creation of software for autonavigation of drones. This, of course, works in both directions. Artificial intelligence, which is used in real self-controlled cars, can be very useful for creating more “smart” versions of game AI.

La Forge employees have a lot of ideas for applying the fruits of cooperation in practice – from the above-described AI technologies and UAV software to testing prostheses and fighting the “toxicity” of the gaming community. The concept of combining the achievements of the game and scientific spheres in the development of AI is certainly promising. But the time will show how this will turn out in the end. The unit was discovered only recently and, of course, no real results have been achieved.

Source: engadget.com

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