October 19, 2021

Authors Max Payne and Quantum Break develop their own MMO

It seems that the Finnish company Remedy Entertainment, responsible for Max Payne and Alan Wake, is engaged in a new online game in the style of Destiny. While nothing is known about the project, except that it will use the modernized engine Northlight, used in the cinematic Quantum Break. The fact that in the mysterious Project 7 Finns step on a new territory for themselves MMO, you can understand from the description of one of the vacancies published on the company’s website.


“Do you constantly think about new ways to surprise players and keep their interest in the world of your game? Are they obsessed with the plot component and the desire to create rich content that will enthrall the community? Are your competitions so cool that gamers make up their schedule, trying to adapt to them? Have you already developed the “Royal Battle”? Always one of the first to find Zura [appearing in random locations once a week, a trader from Destiny 2]? If you answered “yes” at least once – perhaps you are the one we are looking for. “

The text of the vacancy mentions one of the characters of Destiny 2 without specifying that it already says that the employer is looking for a future employee who is well acquainted with the game series Bungie. The words about the popularized PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds “Royal Battle” also clearly hint at the nature of the project being developed. To top it off, among the responsibilities of the potential game designer Remedy is the ability to create “innovative and exciting online modes.”


The fact that the authors of Max Payne have been working for a number of years already on the project code-named P7 (Project 7) have been known for a long time. However, no details about the new game of the Finnish studio was not disclosed. However, the fact that the project was positioned from the very beginning as a “long-term experience” already suggested that it was a game-service – one of the most popular formats to date. It is worth mentioning that for Remedy, previously specializing primarily in single-player shooters, this will be the first such experience.

Source: vg247.com

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