October 19, 2021

The authors of Pokemon GO will make a game about Harry Potter

Studio Niantic Labs, conquered the world of Pokémon GO, again decided to play on the nostalgia of gamers: this time it took up no less than a large franchise – the Harry Potter universe. Developers have teamed up with Warner Bros. and her sister company Portkey Games, specializing in games for the creation of Joan Kathleen Rowling, to create an AR-project called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – in fact, a clone of Pokémon Go, only with Quidditch and sorceress.


However, we are still unlikely to see Quidditch – after all, we are talking about the AR-game, and it is extremely difficult to implement something like this in this format. But, most likely, they will allow me to conjure. While little is known about the novelty, but according to preliminary data, it really will be similar to the previous project of Niantic about pocket monsters, and will also borrow the Ingress achievements. What will be the gameplay (except for the real part of it – gamers will still run around the city, staring at the smartphone) is also not clear.

Romantics suggest that Wizards Unite will include dynamic witch dueling with a smartphone instead of a magic wand; skeptics are sure that the matter will be limited to the collection of various herbs and potions. Realists also believe that the novelty will be very similar to The Walking Dead: Our World from the studio Next Games.


The developers are confident that the AR-game based on the “Harry Potter” will be a new round in the evolution of mobile augmented reality. While they still believe in their word and wait for the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is scheduled for 2018.

Source: eurogamer.net

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