October 19, 2021

Battlefield V: construction, physically correct destruction, teamwork and other aspects


Studio DICE talked about the main changes and improvements in Battlefield V compared to its predecessors. It is worth considering that the game is still in development, so some features may undergo edits.
The developer stated that he improved and expanded the set of movements of the fighters. In the debut trailer, this is already noticeable: it was possible to crawl on the back, jump through the windows and throw away grenades. In addition, the soldier can somersault, dive, run crouching and shoot from various previously impossible positions.

The environment also became more alive. For example, you can notice a sniper hiding in the tall grass by the way it sway. If you kill him on the slope, then the sniper’s corpse will roll dust when rolled up, and a drop in the puddle will be accompanied by a spray. When jumping to the flag in Battlefield V, you can stumble, climbing to the top of the hill, or to slip in the mud.

Like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a new shooter from DICE will offer a shootout without randomly scattering bullets. They always go where you aim the sight. In addition, the weapons handling system has also been recycled. For example, the bipod of manual machine guns will be much easier to install and clean.
The destruction of buildings in Battlefield V moved even further than before. Now when you destroy objects you will see not ready-made animations, but a real process based on physics, properties of materials and features of means of influence. For example, if the shell explodes in the room, the walls will crack from the inside. If you crash into a house on a tank, the debris will fall inside.

Another distinctive feature of Battlefield V is the construction of fortifications. This system will allow building on the battlefield parapets from sandbags, barbed wire fences, trenches, obstacles for tanks and more. It will also be possible to restore the destroyed building. This is done to add tactical depth to the game and increase the range of actions available on the battlefield.

To rally the players together, DICE decided to move away from some traditions. So, all classes (and not just physicians) will be able to provide first aid, but this must only be a teammate. However, doctors will do this much faster and will be able to return to the order of any team members completely healthy. Another interesting innovation is dragging the injured comrade into a safe place. So you can save his life and earn yourself extra team points.

If earlier many players adhered to attacking the same strategy because of the abundance of ammunition and rapid recovery of health, then in Battlefield V it will not work out that way. The cartridges will now be missed, and they can be replenished only in the company of the support fighter or by visiting the supply point at one of the control points. If the latter was destroyed, it can be restored through a system of fortifications. As for health, in Battlefield V it will be restored only to a certain limit.
Resources in principle are a very important aspect of Battlefield V. Working in a team, you will accumulate special resources. When they get enough, the squad leader can call for support, which will have a crushing power and can change the course of the battle. An example of this was shown in the debut trailer in the form of a V-1 rocket. At the time of the release of the game at your disposal there will be several support tools: containers with supplies, a smoke screen and a special flamethrower tank.

Battlefield V will go on sale on October 19 on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

source: Battlefield

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