October 19, 2021

The best mobile stealth shooter of 2017 has got a free version


The authors of the praised stealth-action game Death Point announced the launch of a free trial version of the project, which anyone can familiarize with. Henceforth, the first levels of the game, which the editorial 4PDA included in the list of the best mobile titles of 2017, you can try before buying. Andiks LTD is not the first to demonstrate a loyal attitude towards gamers. For example, Death Point does not have any microtransactions, which is not typical for the mobile market.

The very same action film, we recall, was awarded positive feedback from both the 4PDA, and from a number of other publications. Developers are extremely responsible approach to the matter and did not, unlike many colleagues in the shop, try to make money on users as much money as possible through periodic payments. Instead, they decided to take quality. The authors focused on the legends of the industry from older platforms and tried to create their own analogue of cult series Splinter Cell and Metal Gear, but for smartphones and tablets. It turned out worthy: Death Point boasts an intriguing plot and deep gameplay.


Death Point tells the story of the saboteur saboteur Mark Pointer and his war girlfriend with the not-so-ordinary Suok name – the last surviving members of the elite military unit. The action of Death Point occurs in the post-apocalyptic world, in which few surviving settlements are managed by sinister corporations. A detachment of our heroes conducted an operation on the basis of one of them, completed the task successfully, but was almost completely destroyed. Having woken up in prison, Mark decides by all means to save the girl and get out of enemy territory.

From the point of view of gameplay, Death Point falls short of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, but it can compete with earlier parts of these franchises. What can be considered a real achievement for a mobile project. Gamers are offered a full-fledged stealth action: hide-and-seek in the shadows, ultra-modern gadgets, treacherous surveillance cameras and, of course, hordes of powerful enemies that can deal with the protagonist in a matter of seconds. From users the game requires the same as its “older brothers”: determination, patience and discretion. Lovers thoughtlessly run ahead and destroy everything on their way here to do nothing.

Total Death Point is divided into 10 chapters, the complexity of which increases as you approach the finale. Each mission will have to thoroughly prepare and plan its actions – the game, as it should be in a good old school stealth, does not forgive mistakes. However, our hero is not a student-humanist, lost in another’s district, but an experienced scout and a saboteur. He knows how to skillfully hide in the shadows, distract the enemy soldiers with different maneuvers and brutally deal with the disgraced opponents. There are Mark Potter’s arsenal and firearms. True, purists of the genre submitted to Death Point shotguns, submachine guns and mines are unlikely to be needed. Enough and the right pistol with a silencer.

In general, all lovers of stealth action games – a genre, unfortunately, dying out – definitely need to try out Death Point. And now, with the advent of the trial version and the release of the patch, which fixed many minor bugs and “pulled up” the optimization, the moment for this is the most suitable. Those who like the game will like it, they can buy it in the application stores for iOS and Android. Pay only once, because the micropayments in it, we recall, no. Support for such projects is a good and important thing, because their success can stimulate other developers to engage more seriously in serious games.


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