October 28, 2021

Blizzard explained why Hearthstone no longer has adventures with prizes in the form of cards

Blizzard spoke about her plans for new content for Hearthstone in 2018. Developers will still not offer the audience new adventures, but will release three large sets of cards.


“I can not say exactly how many cards should be expected with the release of each add-on, but throughout the year we will accurately release three large-scale sets,” said Ben Thompson, the lead artist of Hearthstone, in a conversation with Metabomb. He added that Blizzard will accompany the release of each add-on with single-user content, and for the company this model is more convenient than previous adventures.
“In the case of adventure, we had some difficulties. We needed all the cards to be released for all players, so it was impossible to place barriers for inexperienced users. Because of this, the complexity of the adventures had to be reduced, which was not liked by experienced and dedicated fans, “Thompson explained.


Therefore, in the “Walk to the Dungeon” mode, which will be available on December 8 with the release of the “Kobold and Catacombs” add-on, there will be no exclusive maps. All new cards players will be able to get by opening the corresponding sets, and the winners in the dungeon by all nine classes will receive as a gift only a purely symbolic prize – a unique shirt for cards.

source: Eurogamer

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