October 28, 2021

Into The Breach is your chance to protect the planet ๐Ÿ‘พ


Journalists confess their love for Into the Breach – a small, but very ambitious strategy from Subset Games. Previous game studio, FTL: Faster Than Light, has long time to win the hearts of gamers and members of the press, so the next work of the team was waiting for a lot. And, judging by the first reviews, the authors did not disappoint. Now on the Metacritic site with an exclusive PC for the novelty, the average score is 91, and the lowest score is an impressive 80 out of 100.

The maximum of 100 points was put by the magazine Digital Trends:

“Like FTL, Into the Breach is a perfectly balanced, brutal (and fair) test. You can figure out the game very quickly, but it can take years to perfect your strategy and your own style. We believe that Subset has surpassed itself, and FTL has turned out even more interesting, more thoughtful and replayable “, – Digital Trends.

Spanish Meristation calls strategy a miracle of design thought and one of the most elegant representatives of the genre:

“The reference title, which rises above its competitors and you will like from the beginning to the end. A game that will instantly become a classic, “- Meristation.

Into the Breach-2

The journalist GRYOnline.pl spent 16 hours saving the Earth from the attack of monsters. And although in general he notes that indie developers are experiencing some crisis (releases are more and more, and the demand for them is falling), he is sure that for Into the Breach this will not be an obstacle:

“This does not cancel the fact that it costs every penny spent on it: you get an excellent minimalistic strategy that – thanks to the reward system – will tighten you like a swamp and will certainly please”, – GRYOnline.pl.

GameSpot and IGN rated the novelty by 90 points:

“Into The Breach is a tactical pearl with dynamic battles, to which you want to return again and again”, – GameSpot.

“The fantastic variety of tactical receptions of the bellows and the pilot make Into The Breach deep, fascinating and reusable. Each new turn leads to another complex puzzle, which does not have an ideal solution. The need to minimize damage gives many bright moments of enlightenment every time you find the best way to use your capabilities, “- IGN.

Into the Breach-3

Into The Breach is a step-by-step science fiction strategy. Its plot is simple: huge monsters constantly come out from under the earth who are trying to destroy humanity, and people, in turn, have created no less giant mechanized suits for defense. Gamers have to take control of the fur and protect civilization from the alien threat. Remember the “Pacific border” and Japanese kaizu? Before the release of the second part of the film there is very little, so you have the opportunity to brighten up the expectation: the game is already available on Steam and will cost 360 rubles.

Source: metacritic.com

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