October 19, 2021

Capcom will add to Monster Hunter: World two characters from Street Fighter V


Capcom announced the imminent appearance in Monster Hunter: World of two characters from Street Fighter V. Players will be able to change their hunters in Ryu and Sakura, and the first to access this content will be those who have remained on PlayStation 4 save from Street Fighter V.

The first quest is scheduled to launch in a few weeks. It will be called “Down the Dark, Muddy Path”, and the reward for its performance will be tickets SFV, which, together with some additional materials, should be taken to the forge to obtain the appearance of Ryu.


Those who have never played in Street Fighter V, “will not have to wait long”. Quest will appear in the quest list again, and this will be the second opportunity (the first one on Xbox One) to earn tickets for the Ryu costume. And then two more tasks will be added, with the help of which it will be possible to get the look of Sakura.

street fighter5 new characters -2

Capcom adds that these armor sets can not be confused with the rest, and when wearing them, the protagonist will change his voice and sound just like Ryu or Sakura. Shoryuken and Hadoken poses will be free, but for similar gestures wishing to pay – each will cost $ 4.

source: GameSpot

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