October 19, 2021

The creators of Steamworld Dig 2 and Fe announced a merger

Created Steamworld Dig 2 studio Image & Form and the team Zoink Games, working on the adventure Fe, announced a merger. The new company was named Thunderful and settled in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.


The CEO of Image & Form, Brjann Sigurgeirsson, explained in his appeal that the teams have been working with each other for a relatively long time. And the merger will not affect the development of projects that were previously occupied by both companies.

Image & Form planned to further develop the Steamworld series, which is logical given the high ratings in the press and the audience’s love. “I think there are very, very many opportunities,” the director said in December last year, but at the same time he hinted at the developers’ desire to do something completely new.


Zoink is primarily known for the platformers Stick it to the Man and Zombie Vikings, and soon the team will release another humorous game in a similar style called Flipping Death. And the adventure Fe, which is published by EA, looks completely different and will appeal to lovers of beautiful platformers in the spirit of Ori and the Blind Forest. Its release is scheduled for February 16.

source: PC Gamer

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