October 19, 2021

Critics call Far Cry 5 the best game of Ubisoft


Today was the long-awaited release of Far Cry 5, and the shooter, apparently, will quickly become a hit of sales. Particularly meticulous journalists, for example, have already found a way to go through the game in a few minutes, and who knows what other secrets the novelty hides. Critics, by the way, are delighted: at the time of publication on the Metacritic site there are not a single negative response and only a few neutral ones.


The highest 100 points for the new creation Ubisoft put the portal Gaming Age, which called the title the best achievement of the company. In the opinion of the author, the realism of the surrounding world sometimes looks even too terrifying, and the matter here is not at all graphics. The development of the characters is also impressive: behind the shoulders of everyone with whom you meet on your way, is a true story. The space under investigation does not seem to be a cardboard decoration – it’s an exciting and unpredictable universe of alternative America that will keep in front of the monitor (or TV) for long hours.

The journalist GameSpace notes an unexpected, but such pleasant freedom of action:

Side quests do not seem useless, and I was not at all tired of missions not related to major events. If you want to hunt or fish – catch. Pulls to find all possible hiding places? Forward! Want to feel even more patriot than the tear that flows from the eyes of George Washington directly to the Declaration of Independence? Take the time of the Clatch Nixon story, a venerable stuntman, which is always accompanied by explosions, screaming “bald eagles” and guitar ballads.

Hobby Consolas, like other publications, calls Far Cry 5 the best part of the franchise:

Amazing with a magnificent storyline and a good system of progress, the novelty corrects the shortcomings of previous series and introduces numerous innovations. They, however, do not change the explosive formula on which the entire series is built.

The popular site DualShockers announces the novelty one of the first contenders for the title of “Games of the Year 2018”. According to the author of the review, the further in Far Cry 5, the harder it is to get away from it:

The main source of entertainment here is the development process, which looks like a snowball: everything starts slowly, but completely absorbs in a few hours. Yes, you start with limited skills and without understanding where you need to move. This, however, will serve as a good example for comparison with what you have achieved on your journey.

USgamer notes how cleverly the creators managed to combine a grim story about the sect that captured the town, and an entertainment site with races, explosions and a bear-companion:

You are the Deputy Chief, who needs to arrest the leader of the local cult, but everything, of course, goes wrong. […] This is a brutal narrative about tortures, murders of people, confrontation of former friends. The rest of Far Cry 5 is a spectacular arena of destruction. You just roll around Montana for classic rock and throw dynamite at the window. […] One story – a real horror, another – an adventure. […] It’s amazing, but I enjoy both.


And here, for example, and the review with the lowest score – 50 points. The authors of the review on the site of Slant Magazine accuse Ubisoft of speculating on people’s fear of religion and on the belief that the Second Amendment, which allowed all Americans to carry weapons, will save from everything.

The game panders to fantasies about the day when all the accumulated weapons frightened people, all bunkers built by alarmists and cynical preparations for the collapse of a civilized society will prove useful.

Ubisoft, perhaps, it really turned out to make an accurate statement about modern America, but is it possible to reproach the gaming industry for not always agreeing to be a means for escapism? And for those who do not want to search in every plot turn a cunning background, it’s still a good, superbly tailored universe, the creators of which simply paid tribute to the popular topic of cults and crime. Anyway, the novelty is already available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and now everyone can make their own impression. And if the cruelty of the fanatics seems too excessive, you can always turn to the updated map editor and create your own Far Cry 5, with scenery from Assassin’s Creed and without excessive realism.

Source: metacritic.com

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