September 17, 2021

The December update of Assassin’s Creed Origins will add a level of difficulty and two quests


This month, Assassin’s Creed Origins will receive a major free upgrade, which will offer bonus quests, another level of complexity and gameplay innovations. Ubisoft told about everything on the official website of the project.


Those who have the highest level of complexity seemed easy, certainly enjoy the complexity of “Nightmare”. It is only known about it that the opponents will be more resistant to all attacks and will become much more dangerous in combat. There is good news for those who wanted to see in Origins a constant increase in the levels of enemies – if before guards and animals in different territories had pre-registered parameters, now you can make them “develop” in parallel with the main character.
One of the quests will be associated with a new “horde regime”. It is called Here Comes a New Challenger and sends players to the arena in the city of Cyrene, where they, apparently, will have to fight off the waves of opponents. The developers recommend starting the task, having pumped to at least level 32. On the second quest Ubisoft did not say anything, but posted a gif image of a new creature with a tail of feathers. Users thought it was chocobo from Final Fantasy, and almost immediately found in the game a mural, which depicts Noktis and Ardin from the fifteenth part. Now in FF XV is still the festival of Assassin’s Creed – probably now the content from the popular JRPG will appear in Origins.


Also this month, players will be able to pass the third “Test of the Gods” – this time they will meet with Sekhmet. And in November, Anubis and Sebek, who missed out in November, will again be asked to fight with them. Well, in the in-game store will be new items for real money, including the “Gladiator’s Set” of armor, shield, sword and spear.

source: IGN

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