October 28, 2021

Dynamic pixel Wizard of Legend will be released in early 2018

Studio Contingent99 reported that the dynamic Wizard of Legend will be released early next year on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Funds for its development were collected on Kickstarter – developers asked $ 50 thousand, and users donated $ 72 thousand.

According to the authors, the project at the same time resembles dynamic slashers (like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta) and fighting games in the manner of Street Fighter with their crushing combos and super-drums. The combat system is built on the use of spells – the so-called arcana. The use of the arcana occurs at the touch of a button, so the successive pressing of various buttons will perform powerful combinations to destroy enemies in the dungeons.


At the beginning of the adventure, the player has only a couple of arcanes, but the further, the more unique spells appear in the arsenal. Over time, combinations are becoming more powerful and longer, and enemies are stronger and more dangerous. In total, you can find more than a hundred different lasso for every taste and style of play.


In the inventory of the character will be magical costumes and relics, which have all sorts of effects. Some call useful helpers, others bring down the rain from the electric discharges on the battlefield, damaging all enemies in the given area. Each passing of tests will allow forever to unlock new opportunities, and traders encountered on the way will happily exchange the found currency for their goods.


You can pass the tests not only alone, but also in a local cooperative. When playing with a companion, the difficulty will increase noticeably, but the comrades will have the opportunity to make joint strikes and come up with special combinations that can not be done alone. The deceased partner can be resurrected by defeating all the opponents around him.

source: Gematsu

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