October 28, 2021

EA lost billions of dollars due to Star Wars Battlefront And


The loudest scandal of 2017 was not held for Electronic Arts – one of the largest publishers in the industry – without a trace. After a long history with microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II and a mass boycott of the game, EA’s already faultless reputation in the community began to deteriorate rapidly. It is not difficult to guess that this affected the financial position of the giant – the market value of the company fell by more than 8%.

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And although these figures do not seem particularly impressive, in fact it’s a lot of money – the publishing house has “fallen in price” by more than $ 3.1 billion. At the same time shares of two other titans of the industry – Activision and Take-Two – rose in price by 0.7 and 5% respectively. As mentioned above, one of the reasons for the fall in the value of EA is a spoiled reputation and not justifying the sales of the scandalous Battlefront II, which, according to representatives of the British retail, diverges 60% worse than the previous part. It is noteworthy that even during the “Black Friday” she was reluctant to buy: on the network the photos dispersed with dusting on the empty store shelves with copies of a new game for the “Star Wars”.

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The second reason why EA lost the confidence of players was the closure of the responsible for the series of Dead Space studio Visceral Games and the freezing of her project for Star Wars. Many did not like the fact that the publisher so openly showed his dislike for unprofitable single-player games. However, EA found a counterargument: according to company representatives, Visceral was disbanded due to absolute unprofitability, because gamers seem to like single line games no longer so much as before. A company should think about how to repel its investments. Despite the well-founded, it would seem, explanation, the furious players could not be stopped – EA for them became the enemy number one.

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Among other things, we recall that against EA and its “predatory” practices, not only gamers (which, incidentally, have already appealed to Disney with the request to deprive the publisher of exclusive rights to create games under the license of Star Wars), but also politicians. Not so long ago the Belgian government conducted its own investigation and revealed the similarity of the mechanic of Battlefront II with gambling, which may promise an increase in the age rating of the project or even a complete ban on its distribution in the country. Later it was announced about the imminent creation of a special committee, which will act as an intermediary and “peacemaker” between game developers, publishers, gamers and officials. According to rumors, he will defend the rights of the first three and provide all the necessary information to the latter. When he starts work is not yet reported.

Source: gamerevolution.com

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