October 28, 2021

The first addition to Endless Space 2 will tell about the faction of the Recluses of Endless Legends


After the ending of the Endless Legend, representatives of the faction of the Recluses left the dying planet of Auriga and went into space in search of a new home. On January 25, this people will be available in the Vaulters supplement to Endless Space 2.


Recluses specialize in science and warfare. Their strong features are focused on protecting the system, and with the help of teleportation they transfer their fleets from their own system to the neighboring one.

Endless Space 2-2

Heroes of the Recluse have bonuses to protect the system and can increase the volume of scientific production. Another feature of the faction is the ability to create stable and solid ships with many defense modules and support capabilities. As an example, developers bring an exotic module that allows you to take enemy ships to board to obtain complete control over them.

Endless Space 2-3

One of the most interesting innovations of the addendum will be pirated diplomacy. In exchange for money, it will be possible to obtain a special status, assisting pirates and using them to attack other factions. You can read about these and other features of DLC on Steam, where pre-order add-ons are already open.

source: PC Gamer

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