October 19, 2021

First impressions of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant by King👑


All over the world, many people look down on Japanese animation. Like, who needs this nonsense? But there is a studio in the world, creativity of which few people dare to criticize. Speech, of course, about Ghibli – a company known for “Spirited Away”, “Heavenly Castle” … and a wonderful role-playing game Ni no Kuni. Until recently, only owners of consoles could enjoy this masterpiece of JRPG, but very soon the situation will change. Just about to the shelves of stores will get his sequel, Revenant Kingdom, and he, unlike the original, will look at the PC.

Visiting the fairy tale

In a magical land, Ny no Kuni is in trouble again: a small coup d’état of Dean Don Dell was a coup d’état. The king and queen are dead, the power was usurped by bloodthirsty rats, and the legitimate heir to the throne – the little prince Evan – is forced to run to save his life. Together with the mysterious Roland (a newcomer from another universe) and a gang of air pirates, the young ruler must regain his throne. Yes, and so it happened, to save the world from the impending catastrophe.

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom-1

It sounds interesting, but there is one snag: lovers of unpredictable and adult stories to catch here frankly there is nothing. Let the familiar style does not deceive: according to the scenario Revenant Kingdom is infinitely far from the works of Hayao Miyazaki and much closer to the traditional representatives of JRPG. Here are the familiar types from childhood (stupid big man, militant girl, naive boy protagonist), and the usual situations in which they fall. And with them – the conventions and limitations of the genre, familiar from the 90’s, if not the 80’s. Even a world map – and that causes a slight attack of deja vu.

In a word, the originality, which the master’s works conquer, and does not smell – here you are not the “Princess Mononoke”, but rather the unofficial spin-off of Dragon Quest. Fortunately, along with the genre clichés, the game inherited the spirit of a big adventure, and it partially compensates for the overall predictability of what is happening on the screen. On the other hand, maybe surprises and shocking plot turns are waiting for us closer to the finale?

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom-2

A separate line is worth noting that the figure two in the title is more for beauty: the child of Level-5 and Bandai Namco has little to do with the predecessor. Although events develop in the long-familiar fairy-tale world, and the background sound of the great soundtrack of the great Joo Hisaishi continues, Ni no Kuni II does not require the viewer to have a thorough knowledge of the first part – and that’s fine. So do not be afraid if you missed the Wrath of the White Witch: the sequel is completely independent. Fans, of course, along the way will meet familiar characters, but everyone will be able to enjoy the story of Evan and his friends.


War and Peace

In general, the availability of Revenant Kingdom can not be denied – and it’s not just about narration. The gameplay was also adapted to a wide audience – mostly it concerns the combat system, which became clearer and easier. In the original, for example, brawls resembled Pokemon: the hero participated in fights in so far, the main work was carried out by his little wards-familiar. The idea is interesting, but the nature of such battles is not all. That’s her and removed from sin away.

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom-3

Now the battles with various monsters function like a slasher – as it turned out, the king’s son, despite his tender age and not too brutal appearance, does not hesitate to dirty his hands with blood. Tremble, rats, slugs, skeletons!

As usual, each companion of Evan has his own style of fighting and ability. Someone easier to tank, someone better to conduct a distance war with the help of magic or firearms. In addition, small assistants run around the battlefields, able to heal health, and give a foe to the enemy. Yes, it sounds trite, and yet it is worth paying tribute to the authors – regular brawls do not have time to get bored because of their transience and diversity.

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom-4

In addition to the action, there are elements of strategy in Ni no Kuni II – simplified, but functional. From time to time the young prince is given the opportunity to collect a small army and go to conquer new lands – for the sake of loot, experience and other bonuses for the development of the kingdom. In such RTS-episodes, the player controls a pair of units and in real time leads them through the location, cutting or shooting everything in their path.

The gamer can not attack or give any commands – only alternate platoons that perform dirty work for their ruler. And let the mechanics in themselves be primitive, as an optional amusement it is perceived to cheer.

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom-5

And, finally, Revenant Kingdom allows you to engage in town planning: indeed, it is not worth the king to spend the night in miserable tents. Do you want good equipment, weapons and magic? Kindly erect the appropriate buildings and hire people, and then wait ten minutes of real time (yes, as in a typical mobile trinket). For Switch such a simulator of the mayor is just right. But on platforms not so portable, it is quite possible, it will be a bit annoying.

For adults and children

Let’s say straightforwardly and without blushing – Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is not impressive at first sight … and still clings. The adventure, a bit boring and unhurried at first, fascinates. And closer to the end of the session, even you begin to feel sad: I want additives, but it will take several weeks to wait. So grandiose adventure, of course, it is difficult to evaluate by three hours of introductory chapters, but when it is difficult to find fault with the game – it’s a good sign.

Will the novelty become a modern classic or will it be forgotten six months after passing, like Xenoblade Chronicles 2? We learn on the 23rd. And we, as usual, will wait for the release and hope for a miracle.




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