October 28, 2021

Five Differences Days Gone from other games with the open world


Video games in the open world in the past few years have become very common, and players are accustomed to the formula and already know in advance what to expect from the upcoming projects. But, apparently, exclusive for PlayStation 4 zombie action Days Gone is a special case – portal Game Informer has published five of its differences from typical games with the open world.

The first is focus on the plot. Most open world games bombard you with an endless number of quests and side effects, a diffuse approach to the world that blurs the storyline and characters. And although Days Gone still offers a wide variety of activities for Deacon (the main character), the overwhelming number of missions and characters are focused on the plot. From the point of view of narrative, Sony Bend has set a high standard for itself.

“Imagine if it was like Uncharted,” said screenwriter and creative director of Days Gone, John Garvin. – 20-hour game, strictly linear and rich in many details. […] We want to try to do the same, but in the open world. “

The main storyline of Days Gone (which, according to the studio, will stretch for about 30 hours) will revolve around the three stories. The first will focus on the Deacon and tell about who he is and what he went through (there will also be interactive memories). The second will tell about Deacon’s relationship with his tattooed friend, Biker Buzer. These missions include the decisions of players who influence Buzer’s attitude to the protagonist and even lead to different endings. The final storyline refers to NERO, the national emergency response organization that investigates the infection and its bloodthirsty carriers. Garvin hopes that the existence of several ways for research will be of interest to players for a long time.

“It’s almost like having three storylines that intertwine, and the player is constantly jumping between them,” Garvin said. – This is a classic novelistic technique … When a player starts to get bored with a Boozer, boom, that’s when something else happens. And when they get bored with it, the next thing happens. “

Game Informer editors assessed several story missions and believe that the history of Days Gone really feels more thoughtfully directed and cinematic than in most open-world games, including the free use of scenes that have been captured from professional actors.

“There are 20 characters in the game with names that are as important as Boozer,” Garvin said. “This is a great game.”

The second is a suitable tone for the history and gameplay. Gloomy storylines are not something new for games with the open world, but once you are free to do whatever you want, all this tension and drama usually evaporate. Do not expect Deacon to wear a wingsuit during his journey through Oregon.

“The Days Gone is a very serious tone,” said Eric Jensen, the world’s leading open-world designer, Days Gone. “There was a lot of bad, and we tried to transfer it to the open world … We do not want it to feel the same as many games with the open world, when you move away from the plot.”

According to Game Informer, the connection between the narrative tone and the gameplay came out loud and clear during the Days Gone gaming sessions, which at times looked like horror movies. Even small tasks that Deacon can perform for the survivor’s camps correspond to the tone of the story. Hunting for deer meat for meat demonstrates the real need for food in humans, and the killing of marauders saves an unnecessary headache. Deacon, of course, is not an altruist – he does various jobs to build confidence with the camps and afford the weapons and materials he needs.

“You will not find the guy who pushes the cart on the road and he needs your help,” Garvin said. “This guy just does not exist in our world.”

The third one is more complicated than one might think. The lion’s part of the gloomy tone of Days Gone is the complexity of the game. While other zombie projects, such as Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead, allow you to easily pass through crowds of undead, infected enemies in the Days Gone are a constant and deadly threat. Even a handful of freaks can kill Deacon, if you are careless, and shots from firearms will attract a few more infected during the skirmish. When you leave your bike and go to comb the terrain on foot, the tension is immediately amplified. If you accidentally turned on the loudspeakers at the NERO checkpoint or else somehow attracted the attention of zombies, the best tactic is to run. Even when you are driving, you should monitor roadside ambushes or phreakers, which can pull you off the bike if you move slowly enough.The result of all this is that you never feel completely safe, as soon as you step outside the friendly camp.

“We do this in the game, which I think does not make other games – we often substitute the player, but I think this change will be welcomed,” Jensen said. – Our slogan “the world comes for you” – this is what we are trying to introduce into the open world. You are nowhere safe. If you stay in one place for too long, something will come for you. “

Fourth – the bike is important. Vehicles in most games with the open world are surprisingly disposable. In Days Gone, it’s not. Deacon has only one bike throughout the game, so you’ll want to take care of him – and remember where you parked.

“We are against it to allow the player to throw his bike into the lake and say:” Oh, do not care, dude, I do not need it, “said the game director Jeff Ross

As mentioned earlier, moving on your own means signing a death sentence. Therefore, you need to monitor the condition of the bike and the fuel reserve. The Days Gone also does not have the gameplay equivalent of a whistle for a horse or its teleportation behind you. Your bike will always remain where you left it. Although caring for a motorcycle may seem tedious, it is another layer of gloomy tone for the Days Gone. Approaching too close to the enemy outpost, you warn the whole camp of your presence. The parking farther away from it, however, will complicate the flight, which is not very good, if a wandering horde of freakers decides to look at the light.
Fifth – beware of the horde. No zombie games without the swarming masses of wild enemies, and the Days Gone is no exception. However, when Sony Bend announced the project on E3 2016 with a 10-minute portion of the gameplay, many gamers were wondering if the demonstration was real – the accusation of cheating the studio hears so far. According to the portal Game Informer, whose edition itself played in the Days Gone, skirmishes with so many crowds are not only present in the project, but they also differ from those in any other zombie games.

The demonstration at E3 did not tell about Deacon’s goal during that scene. The hero did not just try to escape from the horde, but actually had to destroy the entire crowd – the number of zombies is indicated by means of a scale.

Meetings with the horde require that you constantly run and think about how to cross the environment and use it to your advantage, staying a step ahead. You can meet them at any time, as they wander around the locations in search of food or a place to rest (sleep). The phreakers themselves are quite dangerous. Stripping a whole horde is, as a rule, already a late game. Portal Game Informer took several attempts to cope with it, having a fully pumped and well-equipped Deacon at its disposal – after that Jeff Ross told them that this is a “children’s horde” of only three hundred enemies. Real crowds will be much greater.

Days Gone will go on sale in 2019.

source: Game Informer

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