October 19, 2021

How to save game in Bloodborne? – Read Easy Solution

How to save game in Bloodborne

Saving progress in From Software’s PS4 console exclusive differs significantly from the same mechanics from Dark Souls. The principle is similar, but there are differences.

How to save in Bloodborne and is there autosave?

To do this you need to understand where the lanterns are located.

As a rule, they are located after the bosses or just before the meeting with them. And more often the first one happens, because the developers don’t give gamers the breaks, punishing them for gameplay errors. The early point is encountered on the bridge after the skirmish with the werewolves.

The average interval between Savepoints varies from 20 to 40 minutes of gameplay. Bonfires are completely absent, and if a character is killed, there is a transfer to the Hunter’s Dream location. When it becomes clear where the lanterns are, you can move into the dream realm.

How do I exit the game to save in Bloodborne automatically?

Just click on Options and use the crossbar to go to System and click to exit. Need to go back? Click on “Continue” and return to the progress you’ve made.

Important note: all of the pushes and upgrades cannot be undone, because the values set and the upgrades achieved are not undone when you return to the main menu. In other words, autosave is in effect, to the disadvantage of the player, so be careful.

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