October 19, 2021

In Mario Tennis Aces, you can break the opponent’s racquet with an insidious blow – and other features of the sports arcade


The company Nintendo revealed details of the upcoming sports arcade Mario Tennis Aces. In this classic series that began its journey on Virtual Boy in 1995, the characters from the Mario games compete against each other in tennis matches and use special racket hits on the ball.


Mario Tennis Aces is the seventh game in the series. She will offer more than 15 characters to choose from, including Luigi, Mario, Vario, Valuevie, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Toad, Bowser and others. Each of them has its own characteristics.


In the past Nintendo Direct, the publisher talked about the features of arcade tennis. In it there are different kinds of blows: the main blow, the twisted, the cut and the candle, “from which the balls, like bullets, whistle over the opponent’s head”. If you aim before the impact, then perform a completely new for the series insidious blow. He allows using the motion control to choose any point on the court and send the ball there with all his might. This technique is very powerful, it can even break the opponent’s racket and finish the match. However, you can block it, only you need to do it at the right time – this will help the ultra-speed.


Entering the super-speed, the player accelerates so much that the world around slows down. Thanks to her, you can beat off the fastest blows of the opponent. But, of course, no one will allow you to run the entire match with an over speed, as well as deliver insidious blows – as you use them, you will have a decrease in the energy scale. While you beat off the blows, the scale is gradually filled-especially active, if you perform dexterous strikes.


A clever blow allows you to take the pitch even when it seems impossible – your character rolls to the side and pulls the ball out of the far corners. However, here there are their difficulties: you need to accurately calculate the time and distance, otherwise you will waste energy and miss the flow.


Once you fill the energy scale, you will be available a special blow. It takes a lot of energy, but is completely worth it, because it can change the course of the game and even break the opponent’s racket with one blow. But you can also block it. It is worth remembering that every move in a tense match is a risk, and the proper use of energy is the key to victory.


Do not like all these complicated tricks? Mario Tennis Aces will offer the most common mode of strict rules. In such matches, only basic blows will be allowed. Due to the fact that the Joy-Con controller supports motion control, you can use it as a tennis racket in Mario Tennis Aces. He tracks forehands, backdoors, cut shots and candles.


By connecting to the Internet, you will be able to access online matches with friends and players from the region you have been awarded. In online matches, regular events and competitions will take place, which will allow you to participate in tournaments with other game owners. For participation, you can get a bonus: special outfits and new characters. However, it is worth remembering that from September 2018 for some online services Nintendo will need a paid subscription – more on this later.


The premiere of Mario Tennis Aces will be held on June 22 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Before the release of the game, Nintendo will prepare a free online tournament, as it was with ARMS and Splatoon 2, in which all holders of the console will be able to take part. His details will be published later.

source: YouTube

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