October 19, 2021

Kingdom Hearts 3 – follow your heart. Review

Kingdom Hearts 3 - follow your heart. Review

Game tested on PlayStation 4

The Kingdom Hearts series of almost two decades from a simply cool idea of Tetsuya Nomura about the unification of the worlds Square-then-soft and Disney has grown to a grand crossover from a considerable number of games with an exciting, interwoven story about friendship, mutual help and the eternal opposition of Light and Of darkness. KH went to the third part for so long that at some point it seemed as if she would never quit. Or even worse – it will be given into the bawdy hands of the people who killed Final Fantasy (rays of good for you, Toriyama and Tabata). Fortunately, everything went well. Trequel was no less unusual and vivid than his predecessors, and at the same time finally gathered all the heroes under one roof.

Genre Roleplay, Action
Publisher Square Enix
Developer Square Enix
Released January 29, 2019
Age requirement from 12 years
Game Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Without light there would be no darkness.

It is not easy to explain to an unprepared player the appeal of Kingdom Hearts. It would seem that the crazy mix of various Disney cartoons, heroes of the “finals” and invented specifically for a series of characters will not work even at the concept stage. Donald mage, Goofy warrior and lad Sora, saving worlds from darkness? Ha ha ha, what are you using there? However, the situation here is exactly the same as with Nintendo games. You can infinitely long to paint the dignity, but do not penetrate as long as you do not try.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - follow your heart 1
It is thanks to the craziness and familiar characters in completely untypical for themselves role Kingdom Hearts turned out so original and original. Well, where else can you see Scrooge McDak, along with the rat kid from Ratatouille, open his restaurant? Or side by side with Jack Sparrow join the battle against Barbossa and his damned pirates? Or help Winnie the Pooh, sing with the Little Mermaid in a musical, ride on the carpet-plane? Well, the latter can be done in games about Aladdin, but when did the last one go out there? Everything described above may sound wild and “childish”, but it works fine and plunges into the whirlpool of exciting events.

Kingdom Hearts 3 remained true to the familiar from the first part of the formula. There is a global story, tied mainly to original characters like Sora, Riku and the members of Organization XIII, which alternates with local events in the worlds of different cartoons. These local events most often remain within the limits of the animated universe, do not move the main story anywhere and play the role of a good fan-service. It is very interesting to watch how the writers beat familiar plots with regard to heroes and enemies, which should not be there.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - follow your heart 2
With this disposition, Kingdom Hearts is fully revealed, offering to go with familiar heroes in a seemingly recognizable, but still an alternative adventure – and not just go, but take direct part in it. However, something went wrong in trequel in some worlds – the Nomura team suggests, um, almost a frame-by-frame retelling of Rapunzel and The Cold Heart. It looks, of course, incredibly cool due to the excellent graphics, you can also scream at full throat LET IT GO. But we are talking about long-term commercials, which are practically no different from cartoons, which are replaced by equally long battles – this is not exactly what I want from Kingdom Hearts. Sora comrades in this situation are somewhere on the side and do not fit into what is happening. It is better to review the cartoons themselves than to do exactly the same, but with interactive inserts.

Fortunately, in all other universes, interactions with characters are much more. What is worth one trip to the toy store with Woody and Buzz! And in fact we will not only fight against a wide variety of robots and other reasons for the whims of young children, but also to manage the plastic giants. And with what attention to detail locations are collected! For boxes with desktop and video games, their covers are drawn, here stands a brand new console, and in the corner is a large stand on Dissidia Final Fantasy. Beauty.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” generally caught a strong tailwind – in this world we are invited to explore a small archipelago on our own ship. In Kingdom Hearts 2, judging by the map, the developers have already planned something similar, but then, apparently, did not have enough power or time. Now it looks like a separate game in the game, which, according to the elaboration, is not inferior to full-fledged projects, built entirely on walking on the seas. And no one forces to be a filibuster – you can just skip a huge piece of content by going further along the plot. However, this should not be done at least due to the fact that useful objects are hidden on the islands. Not to mention the fact that Jack Sparrow – sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow! – as always good, though not speaking Depp.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - follow your heart 3
In each world, there is some kind of unique feature that allows the game to constantly offer something new, stay fresh and surprise every time. True, according to personal feelings, in Kingdom Hearts 3 “Disney” has become too much, despite the reduced number of worlds. If earlier this whole colorful farce was broken up into several small parts, interrupted by a global storyline and at least some interaction with the characters of the “finals”, then nothing was left of Final Fantasy in the third part, and the main story in the first half of the game creeps too slowly. Those who love the series for the opportunity to visit familiar cartoons, will be very happy to linger longer in each of them. In turn, those who like the original KH story more may have the impression that while Sora runs back and forth, everything interesting happens somewhere in the background.

After all, Riku and Mickey are fighting in the dark world in an attempt to recover the lost Aqua, and even mockingly from time to time report their progress by phone! Oh yeah, if these names are not familiar to you, then it will be very difficult to fully understand what is happening in the third part. It begins after the events of Dream Drop Distance and the prologue in the form of Birth by Sleep 0.2 -fragmented passage-, which brought the story to the finish line. Seven warriors of Light must face thirteen parts of Darkness, which ultimately will lead to the rebirth of the world through its destruction. Moreover, Master Zeanort drove the heroes to a stalemate – in any case they need to join the battle.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - follow your heart 4
I suspect that at this moment the unenlightened will begin to swell the head. In general, I have repeatedly met the view that the story of Kingdom Hearts is very confused, but I can not agree with that. In some places, of course, it is twisted, but, first, it is interesting to delve into it, and, second, if we consistently go through all the parts, noting important points, then there will be no gaping holes and big questions. He competently links everything that happens. Taking into account the fact that all the games of the series are united by a common history, which has been expanding and deepening for many years, it is not surprising that by the final part several storyline branches converged at one point. This, alas, leaves people unfamiliar with them overboard and does not allow them to fully enjoy all that Kingdom Hearts 3 offers.

The stories of the master of Eracus and the master Zeanort. Aqua, Terra and Ventus. Axel (OK, Lee), Roxas, Shion and Namine. Finally, Sora, Riku and Kairi are the main characters with whom Kingdom Hearts began. The third part reduces all these lines calmly, without unnecessary drama and attempts to deliberately squeeze out tears. In many moments, it seems to be like putting points, but in some places it still leaves a reserve for the future. And the final, which lasted for several hours of powerful battles with various bosses, became one of the most memorable moments of the whole series. True, those who have been waiting for the unearthly epic for so many years, the next cheating in the narrative and some incredible revelations may remain disappointed – for their scope the next chapter ends quietly, but quite in the spirit of the series.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - follow your heart 5

Simple but tasteful

Regarding battles, moving and other gameplay activities, Kingdom Hearts 3 turned out to be the most convenient and polished of all parts. For example, finally, flights from the world to the world no longer look like a disgusting mini-game and become enjoyable! It is even steeper with the action – from release to release it did not change drastically, but overgrown with various innovations and changes that should have made the fights as interesting and dynamic as possible. And here the mechanics reached their peak shape.

Sora can now carry three keyblade with her at once, switching between them right in the middle of the combinations. And each of the blades has unique forms, into which they can be transformed, causing enormous damage to everyone in the district. In general, especially a lot of attention is paid to various attacks on the region – the number of opponents in the locations has increased significantly, so it would take a long time to tinker with each one individually.

It looks especially great when you first gigantic yo-yo scatter all those who are not lucky enough to get into the attack radius, then throw them on Guffy’s heads, and then also cause some attraction to get rid of the survivors. True, the latter have questions. All sorts of gadgets from amusement parks break the balance quite well, because not only do they hit painfully, but they also make the character almost invulnerable during the reception. Too easy.
Kingdom Hearts 3 - follow your heart 6
Especially against the background that this is the easiest part of the series. Previously, several opponents could easily endure an unwary hero for several blows, especially if he was clamped in a corner. Now for death on standard complexity you have to try very, very hard, even when meeting with the bosses. Hitting with them is a lot of fun, the overwhelming majority is done remarkably, but they don’t carry much danger. Is that in a couple of final bouts problems can arise, and even those are solved by the banal storage of healing potions.

Kingdom Hearts 3, like any final part of the global storyline arch, certainly does not suit everyone. After all that KH worked before, the completion may seem too simple, without the usual twisting and loud revelations. I spent the last month following the passage of the entire series, and in my opinion, Triquel brought everything together well. Not grand, not brilliant, but good. He offered colorful new worlds, polished the game mechanics to perfection, finally united all the heroes. It is unlikely that the franchise will end on this, but as another interesting chapter from the lives of the characters, the game turned out to be very, very entertaining.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - follow your heart 7
Good stuff:

  • polished and expanded combat system;
  • worlds have become smaller, but they are much better developed;
  • finally normal flights on the ship!
  • Chic visual design;
  • worthy end of the storyline arch.

Bad stuff:

  • the global narrative in the first half of the game practically does not budge;
  • attraction techniques are too strong and break the balance;
  • some worlds consist of a frame-by-frame recreated cartoons, where Sora and his comrades practically do not take part in what is happening.
Graphics By the end of the console generation, incredibly beautiful games began to come out – Kingdom Hearts 3 is no exception. A huge number of effects and opponents on the screen, and at some points to distinguish the game from the cartoon is almost impossible.
Sound Classic melodies, good work of voice actors, and, as always, excellent opening and closing tracks.
Single player game The Disney worlds have decreased in quantity, but have grown in scale and quality, which, along with a bunch of various side activities and the main “plot”, will eat a lot of time. The gameplay is polished to the ideal, the combat system works great, and the battles with numerous bosses turned out to be hot.
Collective game Not provided.
Overall impression Not a grandiose, not ingenious, but a good ending of a long story arch. All the characters finally met under the same roof to clash in the final battle. The series went to this point for a very long time, but most likely, with its straightforward outcome, Triquel will divide the fans into two warring camps.

source: 3Dnews

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