October 19, 2021

Korea will hit other nations with its scientific power in Civilization VI

2K Games and Firaxis Games have announced the first of eight nations that will be available to users in the global turn-based strategy Sid Meier’s Civilization VI with the release of a large-scale supplement Rise and Fall. The developers decided to start with Korea, headed by Queen Sondok, known for his clever diplomatic alliances and patronage of arts and culture in the critical period of the history of his state.


Korea can build the district “Sovon”, which replaces the campus. It is built on the hills and brings a fixed amount of science points, but for each nearby area this amount is reduced. The unique ability of this nation is called “Three Kingdoms”. Thanks to it, mines bring additional science points, and farms produce additional food if they are built next to the “Sovon”.


A special combat unit of Korea will be Hwacha. This unpretentious, at first glance, two-wheeled wagon is in fact a destructive long-range unit, which is much more powerful than its Renaissance analogue, but it can not move and attack the same turn.
Like the leaders of other civilizations, Sondok will have his unique ability – “Hvaran”. It gives additional points of science and culture in all cities with the incumbent governor.


Recall that the release of the supplement Rise and Fall will be held on February 8 next year. In addition to Korea, it will add to the game another 7 new civilizations, which will be presented in the coming weeks.

source: Civilization VI

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