October 28, 2021

The legendary space opera Mass Effect is preparing for the first round anniversary


November 7, 2017 is a landmark day for millions of people. Some were happy with the launch of sales of Xbox One X, and a third raised a glass in honor of the N7 – a holiday dedicated to Mass Effect. Less than two weeks later, on November 20, the cult series will turn 10 years old. The company BioWare, who created the legendary RPG and one of the main space games in the history of games, congratulated gamers on the holiday and with the upcoming anniversary of the franchise.

In a festive video, people who put their hand to Mass Effect told what they thought made the ME universe so popular and beloved by millions. Developers, artists, voice actors and other employees of BioWare shared interesting stories about the creation of the game, the design of “Normandy” and the very armor N7, as well as colorful alien dialects. They also expressed the hope that everything in Mass Effect will be fine.


“This year Mass Effect series is 10 years old. During this time we found friends, fell in love and went to new galaxies. The community grew, the universe of Mass Effect did not leave anyone indifferent: gamers wore N7 badges and told us stories about their unique Shepards and Riders. On this regular Day N7 we will remember that grandiose way that we went along with you, and also sum up the first decade of Mass Effect. Thank you for accompanying us to the stars and beyond. The trip turned out – you download. Now we can not wait to find out what the future is preparing, “BioWare said in an official statement.

The last game in the Mass Effect series, bearing the subtitle Andromeda, was released in March 2017 and was coolly received by critics and gamers. Many were disappointed by the lack of favorite characters, others did not like the revised game concept. Most simply could not tolerate numerous bugs. Anyway, the unsuccessful release of Andromeda introduced the series into stasis, from which it may not get out. However, it is important to note that representatives of Electronic Arts have repeatedly stated that no one is going to put a cross on such a popular franchise.

Source: eurogamer.net

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