October 28, 2021

The main industry experts were delighted with the graphics of Detroit: Become Human


Technical experts of the portal Eurogamer prepared a detailed review of the new exclusivity PlayStation. If the question of the uniqueness of history, the originality of artistic techniques and the general concept of Detroit: Become Human press does not seem to have reached a consensus, then from the point of view of the picture the verdict is unambiguous. The cinematic experiment Quantic Dream was a success.

The day before the official release, the Eurogamer website has traditionally released a detailed analysis of Detroit: Become Human. Science fiction drama, according to experts from Digital Foundry, became the best work of Quantic Dream and visually demonstrated all the achievements of modern game making. The first drafts of the project, we recall, were shown as far back as 2012 on the PS3, in the form of a short film by Kara – and even then the visual component was amazing. Detroit, therefore, has become an excellent way to track and evolve the platform, and the progress of studio professionals.

For testing, as always, used the PlayStation 4 Pro and the usual version of the console Sony. The game, journalists say, looks great both here and there, although there are certainly some nuances. Resolution, for example, was not the most important advantage of the pro version. In 4K-mode with “chess” rendering some effects are displayed with a lower resolution – probably so that the performance does not sag. But the FPS on the PS4 still loses a little to the performance of the PS4 Pro, which steadily keeps the frame rate at 30.

But the programmers of Quantic Dreams, probably, did not chase the resolution and frame rate. Their main weapon is their own engine, which perfectly copes with the task to show a lot of unique textures, weather, different types of lighting and other elements. The developers used the method of deferred lighting and shading – it allows you to save considerably on the budget, but at the same time keeps all the glare, lights and blackouts incredibly “alive”. Another technology, which made it possible to achieve high realism of the image – PBR-rendering, which takes into account all the roughness and unevenness of the surfaces.

The study of each detail is impressive, but where the engine reveals itself to the fullest, it’s in the models of characters. Thanks to new capture technologies, the actors do not look like an artificial mask, and the most curious detail is the eyes. The view of deviants and law-abiding robots is two different things, as if the more human the android becomes, the more vivid the pupils become.

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Interesting is the work with image capture. Detroit: Become Human is more like a movie than a game, and engineers really did a nice job of simulating a real camera. They took into account everything: the shutter speed settings, motion blur, the characteristic techniques of cameramen, the film graininess – and it turned out impressively.

The game has an incredible amount of detail, which individually may not seem very significant, but all together they create an almost perfect image. The team of Quantic Dream was able to show how an interactive cinema can look if it has a huge amount of time and a decent budget. If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of this “unique technological statement”, you can see it on the Eurogamer website.

Source: eurogamer.net

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