October 19, 2021

MMO-sandbox about travel on the flying islands Worlds Adrift will be released in early access May 17

Ambitious multiplayer game Worlds Adrift from the developers of Surgeon Simulator will appear in the early access of Steam on May 17. The new project Bossa Studios will cost $ 25 (what is now available on the Valve site, is positioned by the authors as “beta”).

Worlds Adrift -1

Worlds Adrift grew out of the idea of creating an endless procedurally generated world of flying islands, just as in the No Man’s Sky an enormous galaxy is generated. But later the studio changed the approach, and now the game world consists of islands created by users themselves with the help of the free editor Worlds Adrift Island Creator, which, by the way, is also available on Steam.

Worlds Adrift -2

“We knew that the community would create a much more exciting and dynamic world, it took two years and it turned out that we were right: more than 1000 islands serve as proof of this,” the developers said. – Impenetrable tropical jungle, caves and deep craters, long abandoned megacomplexes … Each island is beautiful in its own way, because they are created with amazing diligence. And each of you are waiting for a unique adventure. “

The project is in the testing phase for about a year, so when in May it will go to a new stage, the world will already be filled with enough content. The genre “MMO-sandbox” perfectly describes the essence of Worlds Adrift: players are invited to entertain themselves independently, collecting resources, building flying ships and studying a large open world in which “all subjects behave in accordance with the laws of physics.” And also fight or unite with each other, plus develop your own island.

source: Eurogamer

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