October 19, 2021

Need for Speed: Payback angers critics and gamers


Arcade racing simulator Need for Speed: Payback just went on sale, and already managed to win notoriety. Journalists and gamers in vain scold the game for unpretentious and unoriginal gameplay, and also – much more importantly – for the irrepressible greed of developers. On the Metacritic aggregator site, the average Payback score for the PS4 is 67 points. User rating by tradition is much lower – offended players estimate the game on average by 3.3 points.

It is difficult to name completely devastating assessments of the press, but nobody is ready to praise the game (unless the administration and freedom of choice of the route were liked by many). Even those who put the game high enough 8 points could not refrain from criticizing the monotony of the regimes, which are already very few – just five pieces: classic, drag, drift, off-road and escape. They also did not like the fact that additional tasks, so-called “blockbusters”, though impressive with stunts in the style of the latest films of the “Fast and the Furious” series, are extremely rare.

Well, most of all, as already mentioned above, journalists were angry at the enormous influence of lootboxes on the gameplay. Versions for the press (Deluxe Edition) were provided with a bonus built-in currency, but even its availability did not save the need for a long grind. Representatives of the resources PlayStation LifeStyle, CGMagazine and Hardcore Gamer, generally praised the novelty, noted that microtransactions are really necessary for at least some comfortable game.

Where the more harsh employees of The Games Machine and GameSpot who rated Payback at 60 and 50 points respectively, and did say that without buying containers in the new Need for Speed, it’s simply “impossible to play”, because for promotion you need to pereprohody the same tasks several times times to earn the money necessary for the upgrade of the car.

As for user feedback, then everything is as usual – most of the opinions are polar. If you take into account exceptionally adequate comments containing constructive criticism, then they are also dominated by indignation over the unrealized potential of the novelty and overly intrusive microtransactions, which, according to some gamers, have put the game on a par with the recent Middle-earth: Shadow of War and (already tweaked) Star Wars Battlefront II.

Source: metacritic.com

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