October 28, 2021

The network has a free reboot of the legendary Contra


A small group of students gave a second life to the classic Contra action from the NES console. It took them only eight weeks to create a completely new game. At the exit, the enthusiasts turned out to be a 3D shooter with a third-person view, executed on the engine of Unreal Engine 4. And most importantly, the game appeared in free access for all comers.


The project is called Contra 2028. It includes only one level, and the main character can shoot, run, slow down in jumping and fly on the jetpack. With the latter you can also slide, as in the Vanquish shooter. Expecting something supernatural is not worth it, but for the project from a small group of students, made in just two months, the game looks impressive.

You can download Contra 2028 from the official website of the project. We recommend hurrying up until the rightholders demanded that it be banned.

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Source: dsogaming.com

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