October 28, 2021

Next year promises to be significant for Final Fantasy


2017 was a landmark for Final Fantasy – the series turned 30 years old. We saw mobile projects, the update of Final Fantasy XIV, as well as various additions to Final Fantasy XV and rather strange things, such as the expansion in the form of fishing for virtual reality headsets. But next year also promises to be significant for the series. This became known from an interview with Edamame Arcade Channel with the manager of the brand Final Fantasy Shinji Hashimoto (Shinji Hashimoto).


For the most part, the conversation involved a collectible card game on a franchise, but by the end of the interview, Hashimoto raised the topic of the future Final Fantasy. “Next year will be significant for the series,” he said. “Our teams are working on several new projects.”

Quite possibly, these words refer to those Final Fantasy, of which we already know – Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. But the interview ends with Hashimoto’s promises that the team “will bring a new exciting Final Fantasy to this world”

Also it is worth recalling that now Square Enix is ​​working on a remake of Final Fantasy VII. It is rumored that it may be released in the first half of 2018, but they look rather unrealistic, given that the development manager Tetsuya Nomura is also now creating Kingdom Hearts III. Other rumors seem more certain – the game will not be shown even at E3 2018, and will be promoted only when the release is near – probably not earlier than 2020 – since Square Enix already burned with Final Fantasy Versus XIII, presented in 2006, which eventually came out only ten years later, in the form of Final Fantasy XV.

source:Β VG247

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